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The new MGM and Nova cane and teak garden furniture is here

The new MGM and Nova cane and teak garden furniture is here

The weather is getting warmer, and you are thinking about how best to furnish your outdoor spaces. You may want to decorate your deck, garden, or conservatory with furniture that allows a seamless transition from indoor space to outdoor space. Or, you may enjoy having pieces placed on your lawn that are a bit more relaxed, maybe some cane furniture with quality fabric seats. You many want to incorporate some teak furniture that meshes well with your hardwood deck. If you have a stone patio or grill accommodations, high quality painted aluminum, or cast iron, may be just what you need to make your home look exceptional this spring and summer. We are going to take a look at some garden furniture that will make your garden, conservatory, or stone patio look sophisticated and inviting for the warm weather.

If you are outfitting a conservatory, the furniture is usually much different than that required for an outdoor lawn space. Conservatory furniture calls for a more polished look, pieces that integrate well with the décor of the main home. If you have deep cherry furnishings, or teak inside of your home, you may want to use dark teak in your conservatory. To give the conservatory an air of the outdoors, opting for teak pieces that incorporate cane into their design creates the perfect ambiance. A range of furniture that caters to this type of design is the MGM Canterbury. This range’s primary medium is cane. However, it carefully incorporates solid pieces of wood which tie together the furniture from the interior of the home, creating the perfect outdoor/indoor space. Decorators looking for lighter sets may find their needs met by the MGM Earls Wood and Harrow Ranges. The MGM Burford Range is an excellent option for those seeking a contemporary suite. The range features solid glass tops on its side pieces.

This line of conservatory furniture is available in natural and java, if your indoor furniture does not call for the richness of dark teak. Additionally, the coverings on the cushions can be coordinated with that of your indoor upholstery. The range can be ordered with chocolate, duck egg, or calico colored cushioning, to perfectly match whatever may be on the interior of your home.

If you are looking for acceptable furnishings for your outdoor stone garden or grill, cast aluminum sets by Nova will make for a perfect entertainment centerpiece. The intricate and elegant designs of the Nova Chatsworth cast aluminum set, with matt black chairs and table, will highlight the blooming greenery of your garden wonderfully. These sets will last a lifetime, as they are constructed of rock solid aluminum. However, the cushioning for the back and seat, which can be selected in lavenham, flaxen, and brompton, will ensure that you and your guests are most comfortable.

Perhaps, you are interested in decorating your wood deck with the perfect wooden table and chairs set. One of the best choices would be a Nova Richmond FSC certified patio set. These sets offer many seating configurations and styles. If you have space that lends itself to a round table, you could opt for a Round Richmond table, that can seat up to 8 guests. A deck that calls for a rectangular table, would be accented nicely by a Richmond Extending table, which can also accommodate eight guests. A granite patio could also be fitted with a Nova Richmond/FSC teak set that has inset granite hot plates. The granite on the table will emphasize the stone space quite nicely.