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He didn’t have a PENNY to his name – So I told him I’d clean up his OVERGROWN lawn at NO CHARGE

This guy was getting some fresh air when I walked up to talk to him. He immediately assumed that I was trying to sell him something, so he said that he didn’t have a penny to his name. However, I told him that I would like to offer to clean his overgrown yard up completely free. He was extremely grateful and told me I could do the work.

I cleaned up all the edges and shoveled up the grass and dirt from the EXTREMELY messed up driveway. I then mowed it for him and made it look pristine.

Afterwards we talked for quite some time and I learned that he is a disabled veteran and can barely walk outside and not get winded. He also told me that the city came by earlier that year and charged him $148 for a quick chop down of his yard.

I am really happy I was able to help this man out and he was so appreciative. Even though I didn’t have a lot on me, I made sure to give him some money so that he could have a penny to his name.

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