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Gardeners React to “Amazing Plant Ideas”

We’re back at it once again, toasting our preferred plant hacks network. This moment I caused Jacques, our resident Yard Anchorite right here at Legendary Horticulture to give his specialist toasting abilities!

00:00 – Intro
00:46 – Watermelon Shape Hack
01:43 – Bulb Planter?
02:03 – Hairpins for Plants
02:53 – Growing Pineapple
04:02 – Dracaena Saw
04:34 – Cat Grass Litterbox
05:24 – Overwatering Hack
06:12 – Plant Cloning
07:21 – Grafting Hack
08:46 – Weird Grafting
09:13 – Passive Watering
10:17 – Floating Raft Propagation
10:41 – Straw Stem Splint
11:11 – Moss Pole
12:13 – Planting Protection
12:44 – Deadly Apple
13:53 – Outro


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