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Chicken Coop Expert Answers 27+ Common Chicken Questions

Matt from appeared to go down some poultry expertise for us as we venture right into the globe of poultry maintaining. There’s a lot to understand, so we accumulated concerns from the Legendary Horticulture neighborhood as well as chose one of the most preferred ones for him to respond to in this speedy hen maintaining Q&A.

00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Building personalized hen cages
01:08 – Where to place a cage?
01:40 – Chickens as well as quail?
02:06 – Frost attack on combs?
02:38 – Best bed linen for deep trash?
02:50 – Deep trash in cool environments
03:08 – Broody chickens
03:35 – Best product for a cage
04:08 – Quiet types
04:28 – Space for hens
04:59 – Chickens without a cage
05:29 – Common conditions
05:46 – Best types for eggs
06:14 – Dogs and also hens
06:33 – Feeding hens scraps
06:58 – Paint as well as spots for cage
07:23 – Daily duties
07:48 – Getting an orange yolk
08:12 – Raccoons and also serpents
09:12 – Airflow in cage
09:27 – Cleaning increased cages
09:56 – Maintaining cage displays
10:01 – Cost to maintain hens
11:06 – Fancy cage attributes
11:37 – Introducing brand-new birds
12:23 – Breed as well as egg taste
12:41 – Carolina cages background
13:35 – Outro


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