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4 Lawn Mulching Tips | Lawn & Garden Care

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That’s a lawn mower that does not have a side shoot that you’re possibly all acquainted and sees that tosses the lawn clips out the side, yet instead its totally secured, so the turf clipping remain inside the lawn mower and obtain sliced up a little like a Cuisinart, and after that they’re gone down back down right into the dirt or on to the grass so it they can feed the dirt. You desire to have a mulching lawn mower with a mulching blade, and in truth there are unique mulching blades called gator blades that have additional teeth that aid slice up those turf cuttings.

You’ll additionally desire to make certain that you cut often and never ever take off even more than a 3rd of the blade of the lawn, since one of the issues with the mulching lawn mower is considering that you’re not tossing it out the side is that it can obtain balled up below the lawn mower and leave stacks of lawn clipping around. Utilize the mulching lawn mower, make use of a mulching blade, cut regularly, and do not allow the clipping stack up.